Look What's New!

Hey there!

Spring is here and following the themes of renewal, fresh starts, and more sun in our lives I have taken the time to redesign the Pacific North Wellness website. After being in private practice for one year, I felt the need to have a site that reflected how I feel about massage. I’m not a designer by any means and this has been a fun and interesting excursion in figuring out how to convey my love for bodywork in a thoughtful and cohesive manner. I’ve been questioning what it means to be professional and how I want to project that image while still maintaining my personality and sense of whimsy. The new site is brighter, easier to navigate, and has more information about me and the work that I love to do. I hope you'll take the time to browse through it and check back for future blog posts.

Spring Special!


Let me help you get ready for any of those spring activities that you want to conquer with a massage special! New clients always receive a discounted first massage and for those who haven’t received bodywork for a while, let’s treat your next session as though it were your first. If were you last on the table in 2016 come back in March or April and receive your first session of 2017 at the new client rate of $30/$60/$90 for a 30/60/90 minute session. Check out the new site and book your next appointment.


I look forward to seeing you soon,